Monday, July 14, 2014

These Jihadists - Part 2

I originally wasn’t going to write any more about this topic but when I read about theses guys being let loose from Guantanamo, and what is happening in Iraq with Iran getting in to the mix, I had to add a few thoughts and broke it into 2 parts. I really wish the Americans would get a leader that is not all talk and no action. Being a leader of a country is not for a bleeding heart. When the time comes for action, and all other options have been exhausted then it’s time for action. Now the president is still trying to resort to other options that clearly have not worked and are not working.

As long as these Jihadists can get away with what they are doing and nothing is happening to them as a consequence of their actions, they will not stop their murdering ways. I wonder why there is no mention of those Iranian ships coming into American waters any more. Were the dealt with? Based on the president's track record, I doubt it. As these problems mount I get more and more concerned.

I hope I’m wrong in my thinking but I can see big trouble brewing within the USA itself. I wrote before saying that the USA will implode and the way things are at this time with everything that is happening and with what is being done and not done I have a feeling that things will come to a head soon.

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