Thursday, July 17, 2014

The weird people of Ontario

I’m calling Ontarians the weird people of Ontario from now on. But when I say the weird people of Ontario, I just mean  the ones that voted the provincial Liberals into power again - but this time with a majority. I take it these people don’t care how much they get robbed by their government.  I guess they don’t believe that the Liberals could do that to them, despite the fact that they have done it time and again. I guess they don’t believe that the dodo bird that quit (Dalton McGuinty) because he couldn’t take care of the problems that he was responsible for causing. They don't believe that he couldn’t handle the heat and he was scared of an investigation of all the problems he was responsible for so he quit and took off.  They don't believe that their current premier herself was a part of the problem too.

Some of the blame should be put on the leader of the Conservative party (provincially) for more or less pushing people away by saying that he would fire a lot of people who work for the provincial government. This guy has shown that he should not be a leader of a party provincially or federally. Not surprisingly, he won't be back now after having lost an election repeatedly.  During an election he should have known that saying he’s going to fire people he could never win, at least right now.  People in Ontario seem to want big government and want to be robbed by it.  His message didn't resonate with anyone. Or enough of anyone at least. Maybe he just didn’t want any part in trying to straightened out the problems those dodo bird Liberals did before flying the coop.

I just hope that the next federal election here, that most people of all of Canada have been reading the news as to what the liberals (Democrats) are doing in the USA. What you will see is a liberal leaning more on communism than liberalism. And in case you were wondering, I mean Obama. The supposed-to-be-the-president of the USA. What a poor excuse for a president. The whole world knows it and they laugh at him.  Well, I'm laughing at Ontario now, even though I feel bad for the province and what will happen to the people there.

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