Thursday, May 21, 2015

Variation among humans

I believe that when humans were created we were all given a soul and everything that was needed in the body for humans to exist as long as the body was being fed like it should be. Now so many things about us, how we look, the color of our skin, our features, our standards, our behavior, our actions, how we were raised, depend on what part of the world we were born and raised in. The laws of certain parts of the world also impacts how we have different outlook on life. In other words, different places means different people.

So when some of those people decide to immigrate to another country they should expect some things to be different. Some of those things will be very different. People who end up in a country of mostly white people and have trouble finding work, often go straight to accusations of racism. This is especially true if a job was given to a person of different color even though that position was filled with the person who was best qualified for that position. A good example of this is president Obama. His cultural background includes Africa and Indonesia, not to mention his skin color is not white. If things don’t go his way according to quite a few people it's racism. Obama, Holder and Al Sharpton are quick to accuse others that are non black as racists. They are not the only ones either. I believe that some of these people are racist themselves and are so ignorant that if they ever needed a blood transfusion, they would inquire if the blood came from some people of different color. It's as if they're scared of turning the same color as the donor of that blood. I could quote a couple of commandments concerning what I've just written but I wouldn’t want to offend some people now would I?

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