Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lack of cooperation

After keeping track of what goes on in the USA for approximately 2.5 years, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a little questionnaire given to an applicant to answer a couple questions before giving that person permission to be admitted to run for the presidency of the nation. I would say if the person cannot answer the questions being asked in this questionnaire that would mean that he/she would not be a good prospect for the governing the country. Failing to answer all the questions being asked, permission should not be granted and that would also apply to the vice president.

If this kind of questionnaire was to exist and become law then the one elected would have to swear to follow the law of this questionnaire and if not followed then the elected one would be dismissed from duty and the vice president would take over until the next election. Now this would prevent someone like this self-appointed King Obama from vetoing a bill given to him/her by the congress, before making up his/her own mind as to why he should sign it or not. If he/she has something in mind, some kind of regulation that he/she would like to see become law, he/she should go back to congress and have a discussion with them about it and have them vote on it. This is what you call cooperation. A leader that doesn’t show any kind of cooperation is not a leader but a dictator.

A person that says "I will use Executive Orders if I have to and I have a pen and a telephone" is nothing but a dictator. That is a person that believes that he/she is the best and knows everything while everyone else is ignorant and doesn’t know anything. There is no cooperation to be beg otten with a person that has that kind of thinking.

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