Monday, May 18, 2015

Liberals (Part 1)

I read a lot of news from the USA and on a lot of comments that I read there’s always a couple that claim that Obama is out of touch. What I have to say about that statement in regards to Obama, I will agree with the people that claim that. What is the matter with you people? What do you expect from a leader who is the equivalent of the NDP here in Canada? To me NDP = Liberalism - in other words socialism - they don’t even belong on this planet and their friends are out in space waiting for them to come back home. Their friends flying in wait are UFOs. That's how crazy they are.

Here in Canada we currently have a leader of the Liberals 9which at this time are the opposition party) wanting to legalize the use of pot. This comes at a time when a lot of people are giving the cigarette smokers a big hassle because doctors claim that tobacco smoking causes lung cancer. I will agree with that claim but it took me at least 6 decades of smoking to realize this garbage is no good for a human.

Now here is what I’m getting at, smoking pot is just as bad as tobacco cigarettes because of the pot heads that I know all mix tobacco with their pot and some of them can’t afford to by tobacco so they go to pick from the ashtrays that are left in front of a business to butt out before going into the business. Then they rip open the butts and take the tobacco and mix it with the pot and what makes it worse is that they take a deep breath and hold it for a while then exhale. Now isn’t that worse than just smoking plain cigarette tobacco? The smell of the smoke that it emits it’s worse than just plain tobacco.

And the Liberals want to legalize it? Dumb.

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