Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Refusing an Iraqi nun entrance to America

This morning while surfing the internet for news I happened to open this. It’s worth reading beyond just the headline, which reads:

“State Department's refusal to allow an Iraqi Nun to come to Washington to talk about the persecution of Christians in her conflict-torn country”. 

My thoughts as to possibilities why she was refused entrance to go to Washington follow. (1) Would she be a Muslim with no radical tendencies? (2) is it because she’s white? (3) is it because she’s a Christian? In the article, you will read the flimsy excuse they gave for not allowing her entrance to go to Washington. Of the three reasons I wondered, all of which are more plausible than their excuse, my best guess is it's #3.

Can you imagine letting another Christian in to go to Washington to preach about how Christians are mistreated in her country? How many people would be offended by that? We can’t offend some people, now can we?

With all the things that are happening in the USA I blame the self-appointed King because everything that has happened since he was elected. Racism has been revived, minorities have become the vocal majorities. Now it seems that Christianity is at its lowest on the importance scale. What used to be a God fearing country has been turned into an Anti-God fearing country. All I have to say for now is when the end of this world happens, I think the first nation to go will be the USA. It's like Sodom and Gomorrah because everything that is in the 10 Commandments of the Bible is being denied everyday there. Same sex marriages, homosexuality, theft, murders, denying the existence of God. Destruction of properties that represents some kind of religious beliefs, refusing to acknowledge statues, pictures, crucifixes also that represent some kind of belief in some religion. I could say a lot more but that’s enough pessimism for today.

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