Sunday, May 10, 2015

Next American federal election.

I hope I’m still alive by the time the next American federal election rolls around. I want to see who gets elected as the next president. I know there is one person running for president whom I really hope does not win. Now  I will not mention their name because of the big package that’s following this person.  But this person doesn't differentiate between truth and lying in order to advance their  agenda for power. It will mean more corruption and lies.Like the sitting president, they think they are above the law.

I am a Canadian and I know some smart person is liable to say you’re not American so mind your own business. I would say quite true I’m not an American and you’re allowed to give your opinion that’s fine. Only what happens in the USA also affects some weak minded people in this country as they seem to be too busy to read and listen to the news, just like some of you people.

Those weak minded people don’t realize that the USA is the joke of the world now and mistrusted by nations that used to be friends and its been stated by some of those leaders of those nations. Who the president is, matters. The only thing I can say the nation of the USA is in a shambles and it will take a lot of time to bring it back to what it was after this self-appointed King is finished making it worse to complete his agenda before leaving office. I don’t think that this self-appointed King realizes that you can’t make friends with some of those third world countries (the ones that comes to mind at this time is Iran and North Korea). So more of the same type of leadership in the next election would be more of the same problems, We'll see what happens.

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