Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Too much emphasis on religion.

I realize I talk about religion a lot. So it might seem ironic that I'm saying there's too much emphasis on it. But what I mean by too much emphasis on religion, is that the results become hateful because of some people being pushed too much and too far by beliefs from religious fanatics. I understand that in some religions it state to go out and spread the word of God but it doesn’t say to aggravate people so much as to make them lose faith. I think that’s what has happen and is still happening not only in the USA but all over the world. With some fanatics that know the Ten Commandments and live their lives according to what is written in them cannot stand to see anyone going against anyone of them. So fanatics will start preaching to them as to how they are breaking a certain commandment and will not stop doing so.

Here’s what I mean. I was reading this site where a baker refused to bake a cake with decoration for a gay couple and he refused to do so because of his beliefs. Now all this baker had to do and because it disagreed with his beliefs was to bake the cake and keep his mouth shut. But now a big deal was made because he refused and it became news for all to see. Now did this baker think that he would turn out to be gay if he baked that cake? It’s this kind of thing that would be enough to change some peoples mind about beliefs or discouraging people of little faith to give it all up.

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