Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Liberals (part 2)

Where was I? Oh yes, legalization of pot. What this group (the Liberals) won’t do to get elected. The Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, wants to legalize the use of pot. He knows that if those pot smokers all vote with the non-users of drugs that support him, he has a good chance of getting elected - there are a lot of pot smokers. I have news for him, most pot smokers (or I should say many of them) just do not listen or bother to read the news because most of them are out of this world as far as knowing what is happening in this world.

Yes, some of them would have been told about what this Liberal wants to do, but when the time comes will some of them remember to go and vote? Many of them just ignore the elections because pot already can be bought almost anywhere and they don’t have to pay taxes on it. Is it that if he’s elected and manages to get the legalization of pot would make more taxes for the government? And would he later on try to push for people having permits to grow it on their land? To sell to the government? If so, how many assaults or even murder will be committed by the owners to protect their pot from being stolen, or the thieves committing such acts to get that pot? The Liberals I doubt very much that they would care, just as long as the money comes in for those permits and the sales of pot.

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