Monday, May 30, 2011

It's a Bad Idea

I realize that the biggest majority of us in Canada wanted to do away with the Liberals and some with the Bloc Quebecois. But I think there was a big mistake made by the ones that voted for the NDP. Mr. Layton has proved me right again. I stated on my previous post that it was not the ordinary citizen that has been talking about separation, but the politicians. Layton has done it again. What I read in the Citizen News, The National Post wrote some thing about it.

The reporter. Stated and I quote. ”Beating the Quebec Nationalist drum.”

I don’t know what Mr. Layton is doing but if he thinks that he can generate a referendum call from the ordinary citizens he will not succeed. All we want here in Quebec is to get along and live in peace and we don’t need any politicians to try and make it otherwise.

Could it be that Mr. Layton is already looking forward to the next election and hoping that being nice to Quebec will cause more aggravation than there is now about this province? Is he looking to force the ordinary citizen to call for a referendum and separate from the rest of Canada? Like I mentioned, before if Quebec would separate and B.C. and Alberta go to the United States as a result, this would become a banana republic. Is that what he wants; to become a President of a Banana Republic?

All we want here in Quebec is to be treated like the other Provinces no more and no less. We do like every one else - we work and pay our taxes provincially and federally just like every other province does.

That is my Opinion, my rant of the day for May 29, 2011.


  1. While I agree in principle, there are ordinary citizens in Quebec who do indeed wish to be a separate nation. Those are the people that present the danger if they get fired up bu a misguided politician (Layton in this case). Granted, they have lost every attempt to do so, but there is always a risk that it may succeed. Imagine the damage if they succeed just once?

    That makes Jack Layton's possible stoking of those separatist fires all the more unforgivable. By winning he has gone straight to pandering to those who elected him - a relatively new NDP constituency. For political gain, this is a low payoff for a big risk for the country.

    In the end I suspect this may backfire on Layton, even without the specter of separation becoming real.


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