Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Raped twice; first by a rapist, then by the legal system

This is called justice? A woman, a Dutch tourist, was raped and now (get this) her punishment was to be sentenced to 3 months in jail in Doha for adultery and fined 845.00 for having sex out of wedlock

In Qatar its’ illegal to have sex out of wedlock. I saw this on Facebook last night. Is this what they call justice in the Middle East? If so, they can shove their law where the sun doesn’t shine. I supposed if the rapist was around, they would pat him on the back and say "Okay my boy, go home now and don’t make a habit of doing that kind of stuff."

The woman who was a tourist got raped and she is the one that gets in trouble. What kind of people would do that to another human? I would say that would be done by uncivilized and twisted-mind people. If she claimed to have been raped then she hadn’t given consent so why would she be fined and jailed for committing adultery?

I say when the end of this world starts it should start with that kind of country that uses that kind of logic.

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