Thursday, June 9, 2016

The USA and Canada

Now you people on both side of the Canada/USA border, do you realize the mistake you have made by electing a person due to his looks and the way he speaks? We end up with dictators when that is all that influences your vote. It's not about how a person looks or how nicely he speaks. What matters when voting is what the person is actually saying.

Here's an example. People in then USA got swept up in the Obama-mania. He was going to save the planet. He was going to stop the oceans from rising. Really? Voters overlooked important things like this:

In America you have Obama and here in Canada we have Justin Trudeau. People like those two had pride in themselves before but after being elected their pride became a disease and that’s called being egotistical.

By having this disease no one else's opinions or questions make sense to the person so afflicted. Those people, upon being elected into the kind of office that they now hold, multiplies their disease to the point of being unable to make proper decisions. That is true even if that person was offered a better suggestion or solution by someone else to solve whatever the problem was. Those people become dangerous - they are taking down a country without even realizing it. Here in Canada the prime minster has a helping hand in doing that. He’s the leader of the Liberals federally and also a loony toon. So is the premier of the province of Ontario who of course is also a Liberal.

Of course the premier of that province will bankrupt it. She has had a good start in that effort. And the prime minister of Canada will end up by giving the country to immigrants like his dad the former prime minister P. E. Trudeau before he left this world. In fact his son has already started given the homosexuals more leeway to access the restrooms and locker rooms, just like Obama is doing. I supposed next those people will become the majority in this country too. I know someone will call me some kind of a name for that statement and you know what? I don’t give a damn what you think or call me. To listen and do and say what Obama is saying and doing is to obey the will of Satan. I hope that our prime minister has the brains not to listen and do as Obama does, but I cannot say I am optimistic about that.

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