Sunday, May 15, 2016

The world is laughing

Yes indeed, the world must be laughing at everything that’s being said by each candidate in the US elections. The stuff they say against each other so bad it's funny. I’m saying that’s because one says what he’s going to do if he gets elected to the presidency and then one or two of them always has something to say against whatever is mentioned by the first candidate. Also it seems like they are all trying to discredit each others reputations to discourage people from voting either for this one or that one.

In the meantime there isn’t too much talk about in foreign affairs or how they would prop up the economy and the creation of jobs. Now I don’t like to say this but there is one of them if elected who would be a dictator at the start. The way he talks and the way it’s said (as to what he would do), you people don’t need that type of person as president considering you would be doing away with one now that think that he is a king and is busy destroying the country. Why replace one problem with another?

Another one that I’ve listened to is Hillary Clinton. She would be a continuation of Obama's ideas of destroying the country and also leaning towards the dictator’s ways of doing things. If its true, everything that has been reported about her and still is, then her security pass should be taken away from her and she should be indicted for whatever crimes she is accused of having committed. If any of the accusations against her are true then she should be not even be allowed to be near the White House or be a contestant for the presidency. I say it because these days it’s hard to believe what is reported by the media in the USA, as they seem to be constantly taking sides on their reporting.

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