Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another ungrateful refugee

I saw this video on Facebook today and this is what this refugee said: “Who Cares about the Canadian Laws?”  

Another asshole given a chance at proper life in a country that likes to help people and this is the kind of talk we get from some of them? Well listen to me! If you break one of our laws and I see you doing it you would wish the hell that you would have listened to our laws you ungrateful asshole. 

You belong in the hellhole that you came from. Your kind of law in your country doesn’t belong here and if you don’t want to adhere to our laws and our way of living then get the hell out of here. Your kind is not needed here and you can shove your Sharia law where the sun don’t shine. 

This is Canada - we do let you pray as much as you want but to push that Sharia law on us, just forget it. And to use that law to justify your actions here will not work, so beware of what kind of action you do to anyone in this country. Adhere to our laws and our ways or get the hell out as your kind will not be missed. You have a chance of starting a good life here then do it.

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