Wednesday, May 18, 2016

God’s punishment.

God’s punishment for America for the loss of faith and the belief in God and His Son,  was to let Obama win the election. The punishment is not only for all the sins that exist in the USA but also all the sinful things exported out of the USA to all over the world.

I know some people will laugh when they read this but I would say how could Obama beat Hillary with all of her knowledge in what goes on in the White House? She was a first lady before when her husband Bill was president. So tell me how someone with no experience at all about what goes on in the White House able to beat her? 

He must have had help from somewhere and the only help he could have had was from God just to teach the people the wrong that they were doing. The sins, the corruption and everything else that would be against Gods teachings according to the Ten Commandments have been largely ignored just for the enjoyment of life. So God let Lucifer (better known as Satan) win the election and this Satan’s name is Obama.

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