Monday, May 23, 2016


Almost every day we hear on radio or TV or reading about abortion in newspapers. Now leaving all thoughts of any religious thinking aside, there are other considerations regarding abortion. I know leaving the religious piece aside is difficult since to some religions it is a great sin to kill or to take another persons’ life. Nevertheless, there are other considerations - like health.

These days with all the knowledge and what the doctors have at their disposal to verify a person’s health, they seem to be able to detect the least little thing that could be wrong with a persons’ health. If this is so, then why couldn’t they detect if a male impregnates a woman that his sperm are not healthy enough to guarantee that if he impregnated a woman, that a baby by him would not be born normalÉ I would then suggest that that person has surgery to prevent him from impregnating a woman.

The same should be done to a woman because the man could be healthy but the health of the woman could be suspicious and the results of one or the two of them could be the result of a baby being born and being abnormal in looks or some other thing. I would say from the age of at least 14, males and females should be checked for everything health-wise. I believe that by having this check compulsory for their health, it would prevent a lot of babies from being aborted because of their looks or whatever else that could have been wrong with them. I will say if a person is known for being a rapist that person should be castrated to lessen the chances of him raping again and creating the chance of raping a woman who might not be healthy enough to give birth and put her life in danger or having a baby with some kind of disability.

These days it seems that it doesn’t take much of an excuse to have a pregnancy aborted. But perhaps it would be easier to have unwanted pregnancies avoided in the first place.

Also if a doctor claims that the woman's health wouldn’t be strong enough to have the baby by natural birth. then they can always take the baby out by doing a C-section on her; saving the baby and the would-be mother.

To my way of thinking no one but no one has the right to say who can and who cannot live.

One question I would like to ask to anyone that would disagree with me; are we human or some wild animal that anyone but us healthy people should be allowed to live?

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