Monday, May 2, 2016

Uncivilized, ungrateful refugees

I found the video below via an article linked by someone on Facebook last week. According to some news that I’ve read, some of those Syrian are not humans at all. Sure, they look like humans but they are a little short on gratitude. They act as if they weren’t civilized at all and those ones should be deported to the hell hole that they immigrated from. 

On Facebook this was the first thing that I saw the other day. And Canada is not the only place where those refugees have created chaos. Way to go Prime Minister Trudeau for importing a bunch of ORANGUTANS. Our Prime Minister is using OUR tax dollars to bring these types of people into our country and find lodgings for them and feed them. And the thanks we get from them is more or less the finger, if you know what I mean. I say deport every one of them as they donèt deserve our generosity and a lot of them have shown us that by their uncivilized conduct. 

Myself I like helping people. But I mean people not a bunch of orangutans that have been dumped on us. 

This is what is called gratitude by some of those refugees.

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