Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Legalizing pot

Apparently next year the Liberals will legalize pot. This is the same government doing its utmost to discourage people from smoking cigarette tobacco. Smokers are prevented from smoking here or there; in parks and even in places where some restaurants can serve you meals outside.

Some complaints about cigarette smoke is that it stinks and people do not like the smell of tobacco. Yet next year, according the Liberals, we are going to legalize the smoking of pot. What I’m getting at is that every druggy that I’ve seen roll a joint, they always mix tobacco with it so if you smoke pot you also smoke tobacco and cough your guts out. Another complaint people have is that cigarette smoke sticks to you and then you also smell like a smoker even if you don’t.

I supposed maybe not next year but the following year they will make other kind of drugs legal because the pot smokers will not get a buzz anymore just on pot so they will need something stronger. It wouldn’t surprise me if anyone of the voting age who is a pot smoker will demand and have granted to them the permission to take stronger drugs. Often these druggies start with pot and then graduate to a stronger drug. This is the same as being an alcoholic; they need something to give them a buzz so they don’t have to face the reality of this godforsaken world that has turned into nothing but the will of Satan.

If what is Prophesied in the Bible happens to be true, there will soon be an ending to this garbage of a world which should be inhabited by wild animals only rather than run by them and their stupid, poorly thought out laws.

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