Monday, May 16, 2016

You are asking for it, if you ask me

Hey you lazy people who have no respect for other people’s property, listen up! You have been warned, but the poop is still coming from your dogs and landing by my house. Couldn't you just pick it up? I went out this morning and I saw just as much poop as I picked up yesterday.

Now it’s time for revenge. I know for a fact that what I’m going to do is going to affect one or more of you. If I hear that someone got caught by my revenge trap, I will really get a big laugh out of it.

I have to point out, I love dogs. I’ve owned dogs all my adult life so far, so I wouldn’t do anything to hurt a dog of someone else.

Here is my warning. Every morning and night I’m going to put a chunk of fresh meat on my lawn. There will be something in the meat that will not hurt the dogs but it will give them a little bit of diarrhea. Won't that be a surprise for you to get up in the morning with a nice big mess to clean up? Especially if you have a nice big carpet in your living room with the mess on it. The only thing I hope is that you’re mature enough not to blame the dog because you’re the one that would have brought that on by being disrespectful of other peoples’ property.

So my warning is clean up your act or take a chance of a big mess.

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