Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I was reading Info Wars this morning and I saw this: “The Guardian: Correcting People’s Bad Grammar is Racist”.  Racism? Bad Grammar is a problem.  Not fixing it is racist because it keeps illiterate people from becoming educated, and thereby more successful.  What is the alternative - society becoming less smart overall so people don't feel offended or hurt because they can't use the language properly?

I might be wrong but I find this kind of comment to be stupid.  What a stupid frame of mind some people have.  This just shows me that must be the kind of people that would elect someone like Obama in the USA or here in Canada, Justin Trudeau. One knowing what he is doing Obama and the other because of lack of knowing Justin Trudeau. 

I would suggest all the Liberals in Canada and all the Democrats in the USA (different names, but the same type of thinking) should be put on a space ship and aimed at Mars.  Forget them, and leave them without any communication so no one would hear their whining. Oh, and not to forget, make sure that Wynne (the premier of Ontario) is on board.

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