Thursday, May 12, 2016

Being disrespectful of other people's property (part 1)

I never thought there were so many people in this world who are disrespectful of other peoples’ property.

I live in an apartment building and of course there is a lawn from the front to the end of this building. It goes around to one end of the building where my door is. The lawn in front of my door is split by a little side walk that leads to my door. Now before I even moved here there was a little Volkswagen parked on the right side of the lawn that is at the right hand side of my of my door. So that would mean no grass. I do have a dog and of course the dog has to go out to do her business. When I take her out, I bring her to the right hand side of the lawn where the Volkswagen was and after she is finish then I bring her in then go back out and pick up after her if she did something. There is no fence or anything to stop other dogs from coming onto the property.

Now some of those disrespectful people that walk their dogs, disrespect this property by leaving their dogs to do whatever they want and then they just keep on walking away without cleaning up any mess that their dog made on the left hand side of my door. That is not nice.

Part 2 coming the day after tomorrow.

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