Monday, January 9, 2017

Revisiting the dead beat Liberals

Listening to the radio talk show on CFRA on the 4th of this month, the host of the program on that station claimed that the person that was elected not too long ago to manage the country had taken 9 vacations so far. 9. Based on that it seems that he takes whomever he wants to go with him, all on the tax payers' money. This is another Trudeau. By that I mean that he's spending money as if it was the style. Then he tries to find ways to tax the people to recover that money but not only to recover that money but also to see what he can legalize to get more votes in the next election. That is not the only thing - he also lets in all those immigrants to obtain votes. Does that show that he cares about the country? No, he only cares about votes in order for the Liberals can stay in power.

Those socialist Liberals should be disbanded and a new party of non-politicians should be started in their place. It seems these days those politicians are having a ball because they can say and do whatever they want and no one will say anything. Yes, I can see a Prime Minister going here and there on business but not to enjoy himself just for the sake of seeing the world like this Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been doing. Then we have a a premier of the province of Ontario (Liberal) who to my concern is a dead beat but always ready to pick on the people that elected her and add to her stupid little laws. Her and the Prime Minister of this country are a dandy pair; both of them don't seem to know too much.

The fault of this garbage lies with the people that don't listen to the news or don't read about what is going on in this country then go ahead and vote. I wouldn't be surprised if you ask them who they voted for the answer could be Liberals and if you ask them why they might say I don't know.

As you can tell I'm not a politician; I don't lie and I say what is on my mind and if anyone don't like it I would say too bad. This is what is called free speech and in this country weère supposed to have that privilege and if not free speech is gone.

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