Thursday, July 21, 2016

Internet of lies

I wrote a post about this topic not too long ago. What I have discovered is that every day it seems that more lies are being written down as if they were facts. Why is that? Is it because some people have nothing to say that is true and they just like to spread some sort of lie to see how many people will believe them? Then they spread the lie around and at the same time add some exaggeration on that same lie to try and make it more believable than what it was in the first place? By visiting different sites to see if those lies are corroborated or something similar can be found, you can eventually see if what was written as the truth could have been the truth.

I would say it would be up to the reader to decide about the truthfulness of what was or is reported or written. That is exactly what I do. If I can’t find anything to corroborate what I had read then I don’t write about it. Unless there is a video and the host of that video mentions whatever was reported then perhaps there's actual evidence. But if I’m still not convince I will suggest that you listen to the video and make up your own mind as I would never comment on it unless I was convinced of it being the truth.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about. How many times has the month and date been reported as the end of the world? The latest date they are mentioning is July 29th. It's probably about the hundredth date they have suggested in the last 500 days. When I noticed how many times the dates had been changed I quit writing about the end of times. And when I did write about it I made sure to tell the reader to listen to the video and to make up their own mind and that’s the only comments that I made on them.

Mind you one of these days the world will end but no one can say when as the Good Lord wouldn’t even tell his own disciples according to the Bible. I would suggest some of you people of little faith you better make up your mind as a person of faith. I realize we are in hell here on Earth, but hell after life could be worse and I wouldn’t take a chance. I realize some religion or cult will try and make you believe that in the afterlife you could face this or that just to scare people to believe the worst. I don’t believe those people are telling the truth and if they are then they shouldn’t be here because they talk as if they had been there.

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