Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The American way.

All I can say about the American way is that as it exists right now (not the original American way) is no way to have a government. The one that exist at this time is full of scandals, blackmail, secretive and full of lies and deceit to its citizens.

From the protection of terrorism, to covering up of knowing killers in Benghazi and to bribes, it is a sick and sorry state. Name it and it's all there in black and white. As far as I can remember reading news from the USA, things have never been so bad as they have ever since this supposed to be king Obama was elected.

He has turned this nation into a hellhole and into a non-God-fearing nation. People who used to believe in the 10 Commandments seem to have forgotten about them because of the damn garbage that this self elected king comes out with. He's even gotten to the point of twisting the meaning of certain parts of the Constitution to his advantage to get what he wants. Now it's not enough to have a self appointed king. By the looks of it, it seems that some people would prefer to have a certain woman as the next president who is or was a suck up to Obama. Electing her would be a continuance of Obama's agenda and that would really make the USA disappear off the planet as a meaningful power.

I'm assuming that she might be elected just so the nation can brag about having a woman elected as the first woman president like they did with Obama because he was black. Look what happened to the nation by voting based on skin colour rather than the person's character and track record. All I can say I'm glad I'm not an American citizen because as it stands at this time I surely wouldn't know who to vote for to become the next president.

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