Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ISIS crisis

I saw on Newsmax the other morning that we need a president to destroy ISIS. I can say for sure that you don’t have one now. Have you people just realized that now? What has been done to them so far it seems like a show that the USA has put on for itself.  Was the president trying to destroy them or just pretending he was? Because so far, using the excuse that Americans were tired of war and didn’t want more of it is a flimsy excuse. But he's waging a so called war as if he doesn't really want anyone to notice.  By that I mean it is so halfhearted an effort as to be a joke. If troops would have been put on the ground this ISIS would not exist anymore. That would have been a good decision, putting troops on the ground. I’m sure that the citizens would have been grateful for that decision. Now those killers and murderers are more or less free to do anything, even  invade the USA as soon as they have figured that they have enough people to attack and spread their damn garbage that’s supposed to be what their religion demands.

I honestly don’t think they do it out of dedication to their religion but rather just as a sporting events. If they get killed they are quite happy because they died as martyrs. Otherwise they can kill, rape and destroy all they want.  Well they can die for their cause that they believe is true but the big boss the only Creator and the real God will have a surprise for them when the time comes for them to be judged. The laws given to Moses for our conduct towards others were meant for everyone and those people are breaking every one of them.

By the way, as for virgins waiting for them to me that was just some ones imagination just like the lies that are told by the Catholic religion.

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