Thursday, July 7, 2016

Face covering

I don’t see anything wrong with Muslim woman wearing their face coverings, except when they are swearing in or appear as witnesses in the courts. In either case it should be a woman that would check to see if it’s only a woman or a man that would be behind that face covering. If a man is discovered to be behind that mask no question asked, he would be committing a crime by trying to pass as a woman. He should be locked up and an investigation should be done on him into the reason for doing that. On the same subject, a woman walking down the street with the face covering should be stopped by police woman to make sure that behind that face covering it is a woman and not a man. If they're found to be a man that would mean that person is up to something and they should be locked up until a proper investigation is done on him to find out what his reason would have been for doing so. One doesn’t know if this person could be a radical. If they're found to be a radical then they should be deported to the hell hole that they came from for the crime of trying to pass off as a woman and in the meantime they'd remain locked up until deported. Of course those persons should never to be allowed back to this country.

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