Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Yes, I claim it is idiocy far any stupid politician that thinks that people can be obligated to give up driving gasoline vehicles and buy electric cars. First of all how many people could afford to buy one? Is that fruit cake of a premier of Ontario out of her damn mind? That is if she even has one (which I doubt). The idea of telling people what to drive and not drive is ridiculous. Is she going to stop tourists from other provinces or countries from driving in the province of Ontario because they are driving gas driven autos? What a damn idiot of a dictator! I would say that imbecile should be fired from that position and never again be allowed close to any government building. What’s her name, Wynne or something like that? The one that is supposed to be a woman but looks like a man and acts like an idiot. Then there is something else about new buildings to be equipped with a plug-in to recharge those autos? I can’t say any more about the recharge because I actually don’t remember so I’ll just close it here for now.

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