Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I can read.

Not too long ago I was reading about this hacker that called himself Guccifer. Apparently this person was extradited to the USA because he admitted to have hacked into a certain persons’ e-mails and claimed anyone could do it as it was easy to do. Well, this person was put in jail and a couple of days ago I was reading about him having disappeared from his cell and then was found again in his cell but hanging from a rope. It said that he committed suicide.

There was a fluctuation in the internet and what I was reading had disappeared. Since then I’ve been trying to find that same news if it wasn’t a lie to start off with. Usually that kind of news is repeated and repeated for a couple of days but this one I caught on the first day an then no more was it to be found.

If anyone has seen that and remembers or has a link would you leave me a comment on where you saw that? I remember that I was reading Newsmax when I saw it. But I was going through different sites too.

Why that was of interest to me is that this person disappeared from his cell, which doesn’t make sense to me to begin with. Then the next time he’s found in his cell he was hanging from a rope. Now how did he get out of his cell? Where did he go and how did he get back in his cell? Where did he get the rope? If he was able to get out of his cell to get a rope why didn’t he try to escape instead of going back to his cell to hang himself? Was that put on the internet by someone that didn’t have anything to say or was it the truth? I worked as an investigator and things like that bother me because there are too many unanswered questions.

Any comments can be left in the comment section. Thanking you in advance for helping.

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