Sunday, February 3, 2013

Iranian officials purportedly unveil machine to amputate fingers of thieves

More Iranian shenanigans.

When I turned on my computer one day last week to read what kind of news that Fox had on, there was the first article I spotted.  There was also a picture of the machine with a couple officials and the prisoner and also the sentence that he received besides having his fingers cut off on one hand.

I remember writing a post stating that some of these people in the third world countries are not humans; well this kind of thing proves my point. They also have a prison that is supposed to be Hell on earth and it’s called Even. If you go to Fox you can read all about it - about the torture, the interrogations, how they are conducted and even about people dying while being interrogated.

I would say that kind of whatever you would want to call them, we don’t need in this world and they should be blasted out of existence.  I'd add that the sooner that happens the better, before the world becomes corrupted with that kind of thinking. I wouldn't be surprise if some others in this world would start thinking like this about building some kind of machine to cause pain and misery.

The way things are in this world as far as religion goes and the denials that there is a God and people refusing to lead a life as suggested by the Ten Commandments in the Bible, it would not surprise me as to what else someone will come up with. This world is getting worse every day and if you’re like me and have all the time in the world to read what is going on and believe half of what is being reported then I can actually say that this world as turned into a hell hole.

This is my beef of today against these so called humans and I’m ashamed of referring to these as humans.

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