Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What goes around comes around (Part 1)

Do you believe in that old saying what goes around comes around? Well, I must say I didn’t always believe in that saying. Since I was old enough to work for my money I’ve always helped anyone that needed help and I never expected to get it back. I’m 79 so it has been a while. I would say about a year ago I received a big surprise which I never expected.

My granddaughter had come down for a visit and she told me about a friend of hers that needed money to get either her driving permit renewed or for insurance for her car (I don’t remember the exact details).

I gave my granddaughter the money to bring to her and I never expected to get it back. When my granddaughter came down a couple of weeks later she informed me that the lady had given her the money that I had lent her. I was surprised because usually when I have lent money out, it was never given back to me. Anyway when talking with my granddaughter I mentioned that I would have to buy myself a new bed as I was sleeping on a hide-a-bed but it was getting old then we moved on to talking about something else.

My granddaughter comes down every two weeks to and when she dropped by my place she brought in a big box and it turned out to be a brand new bed. It had been bought by the lady to whom I had lent the money that she needed. I offered to pay her back for the bed and she refused.

To be continued.

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