Thursday, October 16, 2014

What goes around comes around (Part 2)

Here is another example of what goes around comes around.

I had rented this house and had been living there for 18 years. After 14 years of living there the original landlord died and his wife, the landlady, sold it. After it was bought by another person he asked me if I would sign a lease with him and I did.

After 4 years he decided to get that old run down house demolished to build a duplex. So I had to move out recently. But he did offer me an apartment somewhere else. I didn’t want to move in the section of town that it was in so I found a place myself instead and I moved out.

I have always paid my rent, but something happened one month when I was with the old landlord and instead of paying my rent on the first like I usually did I paid it at the last of the month. After that, I was always running a month behind and that payment cycle carried on with the new landlord.

So when I moved out, I offered to pay for the last month and then I would only owe him for the month that I was behind. Surprisingly, he refused the 2 months that I would have had to pay him ($1000.00). And to top it, off he offered to give me money if I needed some. He also told me that when his duplex is finally built in that old location, and is ready for renting that he will let me know. I will have the first opportunity to rent it from him.

I will say that these two people have showed me that there are still good people in this world and that not everyone puts money ahead of a person in need. They have renewed my faith in other people.

So that's not exactly a rant, but it is worth sharing.

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