Saturday, October 4, 2014

Police protecting citizens in the USA. LOL

This is something hard to believe. I wrote before that the USA is either turning into a third world country or a communist one. Now I've changed my mind after reading this. I would say it’s already a combination of the two of them. With everything I’ve read about some police officers’ conduct on duty being contrary to what they were hired to do, the nation has already tipped off the cliff. Police were hired to protect the people.

From what I’ve seen on videos and read on the news, a lot of them should be hired as policeman in Russia because they act like the judge and jury and they like to beat up people for no reason. I will point out that not all of them conduct themselves in that manner and those officers are getting a bad reputation from the rotten ones.

I would say if a person applies to become a police officer, having grade 10 completed would have to be one condition. It seems like they might have been short of applicants so if grade 10 were one of the conditions, then they might of hired 2 persons that might have completed grade 5 instead. The 2 combined would be grade 10 and put them on detail together as partners. LOL. When I read or see what some people do when put in a position of authority it makes me mad to see that they become judge and jury and not accountable to anyone in their way of thinking.

If you have any intentions of visiting the USA, be careful. There are some brainless cops on the loose over there. Don’t try to argue because you might be charged for resisting arrest, and if you’re not charge with that, they will find some excuse to charge you with something else.

Like I mentioned above, they are certainly not all like that. There are some good ones that know what their duties are and conduct themselves appropriately. But you don't know when you run into a police officer if that's who you will be dealing with.

That’s my rant of the day.

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