Thursday, July 25, 2013

Religious Fanatics.

When we were young most of us are taught to believe there is just one God. As we grow older, we find that some of these fanatics would have you believe that there is more than one God.
I don’t know any more than anyone else, but to me there is only one God. The only difference I see is that there is only supposed to be four religions. To me anymore so called religion are cults and that’s what they should be called.
Now man thinking they are smarter than the ones that came out with four religions, decided that it wasn’t enough. So they created more and with different ways to pray to the God that they believed in and to be faithful too. Most of these religions and cults and go so far as ignoring the tablets of the Ten Commandments given to Moses.
Now with all these religions, and different ways to have faith in one God, some people would believe that there is more than one God, and are willing to kill and torture, because of some fanatics that came out with their own writings on how to show faith in what they believe their God would want (including such barbaric acts as torture and beheadings). 
That’s my beef for today.

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