Thursday, July 11, 2013


Atheism. Is this some kind of sickness? A sickness that would make people think that if they see anything like statues or crucifixes or anything that would represent a religion, that those things might attack them? After all, the way they so obsess over the appearance of these things anywhere, they do seem to be afraid that the crucifixes will attack them physically. You know, I would guess that a lot of them are hypocrites and secretly do believe. 

Another thing that gets me is people who have friends that are atheists and will pretend to be one of them. Those would be the ones that are hypocritical and claimed those objects I mentioned above would offend them. They play the game of you lead and I’ll follow.

If a person is a true non believer I can’t see that person objecting to those things mentioned above. But if that person does have faith, then he/she has a guilty feeling but doesn't want to show it in front of his/her friend. He/she is the one that will create a bigger fuss. I wonder what kind of fuss that type of person will create come judgment day. 

That’s my little rant of the day.   But if you want to read more of my opinions about atheists today, click here.

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