Friday, July 19, 2013

Beef about butter

My beef today would be about butter.
Some Doctors claim that butter is no good for you because of its contents; salt and fat.
I would like to ask some of these Doctors, why they don’t go after the government to stop these food producers to stop playing around with the food. Like adding to it, or extracting from it and to use less salt in their products.  Why don’t they stop coloring the meat to make it more attractive?  That’s just more garbage added to the meat.
At the same time why don’t they ask the government to have the price of butter lowered? Because some people that are buying margarine at this time can’t afford butter. I’m sure that buying unsalted butter would be a lot healthier then this stuff that was made for animals is now food for humans.
Very seldom will I eat margarine, because some of that stuff leaves a rotten tangy taste in the mouth.
Whatever causes that I don’t know, but to me it can’t be good for the health. I will say not all margarine leaves a bad taste in the mouth but most do.
That’s my rant of the day. Have a good day.

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