Saturday, July 13, 2013

Woman marries bridge

I like to rant about what I call funny people walking on the streets. I have a couple posts written on the unthinkable things that some people do when walking down the street. Some of them do things that are laughable and some not so funny.

But today while reading Huffington Post I happened to see this article about a woman that married a bridge. No kidding.  Now can anyone tell me what is happening in this world? I had to pass this on.
Jodi Rose, an Australian artist who travels the world recording the vibrations of bridge cables for her “Singing Bridges” music project, knew it was true love the first time she laid eyes on Le Pont du Diable, a 600-year-old bridge in Southern France.

On June 17, the intimate affair was held at the entrance of her groom with around 20 guests in attendance, including the mayor of Arles-sur-Tech, a neighboring town. The beaming bride kept it traditional on her not-so-traditional wedding day, wearing a floor-length ivory dress and carrying a beautiful bouquet, Oddity Central reported.

Rings were exchanged to the Johnny Cash version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

"Our wedding night was very special, although we didn't have time alone together right after the ceremony, as he is a workaholic so couldn't leave the river banks. I left him with a loving kiss and my friends joined me in helping to celebrate the union with a swim in the River Tech which flows beneath him," Rose told the Huffington Post in an email.
Funny people keep getting weirder every day. 

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