Monday, July 15, 2013


I have blogged about these things before. I wrote about how they are built and about most of them burning out the first time you use them. These were mostly the four slice ones that I noticed a problem. I was given a new one - a two slice one - and with it you can toast bagels, waffles and of course bread.

Now, this toaster that was given to me was made in China, and it’s a Presidents Choice brand toaster. I will say it is a good toaster but my beef is with the companies that order them. They seem to forget to inform the company that makes them in China that some of our breads are not regular size in thickness and height.

The result in this lack of communication with those companies is that the toasters are not ejecting the toast high enough to grab it with your fingers so you have to take a chance and stick your fingers in the toaster to get them and take a chance of getting toasted fingers, Or you have to disconnect the toaster and use a fork and at the same time take a chance that you don’t damage the filaments.The companies who make them should adjust their design so that it the toast is ejected to the right height when it is finished toasting.

That is my beef for today.

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