Friday, July 26, 2013

Did you know God was a racist?

While reading Fox News, I happened to see an article about this Ivy League professor Anthea Butler at the University of Pennsylvania's, Department of Religious Studies.  After she heard of the Zimmerman verdict, she claimed that God was a white racist because He’s carrying a gun and stalks young black men. I am not making this up or misinterpreting what I read.
If you’re interested in reading more as to what else she accuses God of, I would refer you to this site (  Anthea Butler apparently is also a blogger and according to the report that is what she blogged about.
My beef today is about a person of supposedly of good intelligence accusing God of being a stalker a
racist and claiming that the American God is not her God. I would say that her intelligence was acquired by reading comic books. I guess I shouldn’t be surprise to hear something of the sort from someone from a University in the USA. After all of the bad reports that have been coming out of the Universities and colleges from that nation, it should come as no surprise at all..
That’s my beef for today.

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