Monday, July 8, 2013

Is he a traitor - revisited

Mr. Snowden, is he a traitor or not?

At this time, the way he has acted after divulging about the government snooping on its own citizens and the snooping on other countries, it makes me think he has been set up as a spy. I could be wrong but nevertheless,  I’m sure that he was given misleading files to talk about if he was questioned as to why he was looking for asylum in countries that are not too friendly with the USA. I think it is possible this guys is a spy still working for the USA. 

Why should he show up on a video claiming that he said this or he said that?  He could have been coached on what to say once questioned by the intelligence agency of whatever country, and also given some files that seem to be convincing but are really of no value to the security of the USA.

I am positive that he would have been questioned and I'm convinced that he is giving false information. But would they believe him? I think that’s is why he is in limbo and no country would want to take a chance on him being a spy for the USA.  But then again if they were positive that he was then he would not be free now.  There is also the issue of the USA making some threats if he were to be given asylum,  Those threats sound real good.

Let’s put it this way, it was Mr. Bush that started this snooping and it has never developed into this much of a scandal. If it’s not what I think it was, maybe and he simply thought he was doing a good thing by telling the citizens about what was going on, then he did break his trust to the government but not to the people.

No if it was not planned like I mentioned in a previous post then he should have stayed and suffered the consequences because I think the people would have backed him up 100%. But now that he acted the way he did and the fact that he tried to get asylum in countries that are not to friendly, he has made himself out to be a traitor. Someday the truth will eventually come out so we just have to wait and see. Until then our judgmental should be neutral.

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