Friday, July 12, 2013


How many times did Mr. Obama say that the war was over in Afghanistan and the Taliban have been pushed back?

Well while reading this site ( I read a section indicating that the Taliban will attend the meeting in Qatar to talk about peace. Even though they said they will attend but will not renounce violence according to this report.

The other morning they proved that they intend to keep on with their violence by attacking Natos compound suppliers in Qatar the Capital of Afghanistan. The same report they have also stated that as long as there are foreign troops they will not stop their violence.

When all foreign troops are out of that country, I still think that these fanatics will not stop the violence until they take over that country and then they will invoke their Sharia law and then there will be more killings and torture and beheadings.

The good Islamists try to tell us that that their religion is a peaceful one but to read about the torture and the killings and saying God is great after the sadistic things that they do makes it hard to believe that it’s a religion of peace.

I’m anxious to see what is going to happen when all foreign troops are out of Afghanistan. But the war is not over Mr. President and it will never be as long as there are fanatical terrorists. If they manage to take over one country they will keep on going and will never stop until they are blasted out of existence. No diplomacy will stop them.

That is my rant for today.

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