Thursday, July 4, 2013

Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood

I can’t understand why an American president would chose to support a bunch like the Muslim Brotherhood? They are just a bunch of terrorists who burn down churches, assault women and behead Christians.

This same president never made a fuss when the citizens of Egypt revolted against Mr. Mubarak. In fact he encouraged Mubarak to step down.  Mubarak was an ally of the United States. With everything that he has done since he was re-elected - the scandals, the lies, the cover ups, his choice to follow unlimited diplomacy,   and not going after the perpetrators of American deaths in Benghazi - I would say he might be responsible for this anti-Christian attitude that’s surfaced in Egypt.  At the very least he has fanned the flames of anti-Christian attitudes.  

Mr. President I have to ask you this question: are you sure you’re not one of those Muslims? I’m not saying that you are but with everything that has been going on since you have been elected it sure looks suspicious. Just the fact that you’re supporting this group while never trying to support a man like Mr. Mubarak when he was in the same situation as Morsi is cause for pause.

The allies of the USA didn’t trust you before, but after you supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and sending them all those weapons like tanks and fighter aircraft and (according to reports) thousands of gas canisters do you think it will give them a reason to trust you?

Those are my opinions of a supposed to be the leader of the USA as I see it.

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