Saturday, November 3, 2012

Diets, do you keep on reading them?

Diets. I don’t know why I keep on reading them.  As I read them and check on what the professionals have to say about diet and nutrition, once they are checked for vitamins, cholesterol and whatever else they are checked for, a lot of those ingredients in a diet are proven not to be as good as the dietitians claim. 

Take for instance eggs. Eggs are advertised as being good for you but according to what I've read about them (and I wrote something on a previous post) the harmful effect they can have on your health. Bananas they say if you want a flat stomach don’t eat them.  But what they don’t tell you, is that bananas are food for the heart, because of its content of potassium. I previously wrote a post about them too.

I say if you feel that you are gaining too much weight and you want to go on a diet then by all means go and see your doctor. It might save you a lot of trouble in the long run. A lot of people go on a diet for something then all of a sudden, they develop some kind of sickness and they wonder why they started feeling bad, after being on their diet for awhile. All I have to say, don’t listen to these dietitians - just see your doctor. Anyone can write a recipe and claim that this recipe has this and that as far as calories fat and so many grams of this or that or certain percentage of that and some people would believe it to be genuine. In the meantime they might not know what they are talking about.

Play it safe and see a professional - a doctor.

That’s my rant of the day.

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