Sunday, January 29, 2012



We humans are the most heartless species in this world. Here are my reasons for saying this. 

Most of us we like meat, poultry and fish. Farmers spend their life raising cows, pigs, and chickens. These animals, as they grow eventually come to trust the farmers because he’s taking good care of them. Then one day, they are loaded on a truck and sent off to the slaughter house. 

When a cow is too old to give milk, she’s gone. Chickens that are too old to give eggs -  they're gone. Little chicks at around three months are good for roasting  - they're gone.  Pigs are getting fat enough to slaughter, they're gone too. It is not enough that we slaughter animals that are friendly to us humans, we have to go out hunting the wild ones and these animals don’t bother anyone. The same for the fish;  they are in their own world and yet we go out and get them out of their world to eat them. Also I should mention cats and dogs are not safe either as some people find their meat to be a delicacy.

I would say we are traitors of the animal world and we are heartless. 

I forgot to mention the scorpions, spiders, worms etc. They get eaten or used as bait or just killed.  Also, I was looking at a video one day on the television.  They were showing this restaurant in China.  The restaurant was serving rats.  The reporter also took a plate from a customer and the camera man zoomed in on it and it showed four rats all lined up ready to eat. Apparently it’s a  delicacy also.

These people would have had a here when the city decided to close down the slaughter house. Rats galore were escaping the wrecking crew.  They were running up the street like a bunch of soldiers running for cover under attack.

I just remembered reading that in the U.S., they are opening slaughter houses to slaughter horses.  This was just a couple of months ago. I remember in the early 1950's stores used to sell horse meat here in Canada.        

Whether it's animal cruelty or not, it's hard to say it isn't heartless because there is a whole lot of animal killing going on.

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