Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I guess by the looks of it, Harper doesn't want to be elected the next election. I read that he’s going to change the old age pensions and he’s going to make some changes. In about two years to qualify for the old age pension a person will have to be the age of 67 instead of what it is now 65.

I can just see it now if he comes out with that change some employers don’t want to keep an old person on staff so the person will be laid off even though that person can still perform good work and if Harper comes out with a law that stipulates that you can’t let a person go because of the age. That’s where trouble is going to start.

The person laid off because of age and that person knows that  He/She will not be eligible for the old age pension then. He/She will fight to get the job back then the employer will have to come up with a good explanation as to why that person was let go. Now the employer will have to come up with a good excuse and that’s when we will see how truthful some of these employers are.

The government is saying there are too many people on welfare. Wait until these changes are made - if Harper doesn't change his mind that is. I also have a feeling that things will be getting worse now that he has a majority.

I have a feeling that by next election he will be where the Libs are and then the Liberals will be back in and about the NDP,  I don’t know because here in Quebec their popularity seems to be going down .

That’s my opinion and my rant of today.

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