Monday, August 6, 2012

Becoming a senior

On becoming a senior, you think that life is going to be easy for you. I have news for you, it isn't. First of all, at a certain age you have to pass a physical if you want to keep your driving permit. Even if you get it renewed, some insurance companies, once you reach 75, consider you off limits. At least that seems to be the case.

What else gets me is the lack of communication at some government departments. For instance, when my eyes were getting too bad to drive anymore, I contacted the department of transport (the driving permit section) and told them to suspend my driving license until I got my eyes operated on. The lady I spoke with said something to the effect "thank you for calling and I’ll put it on your file".

After I got my eyes operated on and my vision was greatly improved (as if I was young again), I called them and told them that my eyes were A1 and I would like to know when I could get my license back. The woman I spoke with this time answered "I don’t know; according to your file your license was suspended."

Well, duh!

I calmly said I knew that and explained that I had called in and asked them to suspend it until my eyes got fixed. She said that it was not marked on my file. Isn't that wonderful? A couple of days later I get a letter in the mail from them indicating that I have to go and have a complete physical.

There is only one thing wrong with that: where do you get a doctor to give you a physical when you don’t have one? You would think that the department of transport would have their own doctors for this purpose given the amount of taxes we pay. In fact, I’m sure there are enough of us old antiques to keep some doctors busy all day, every day.

Its been two years now and that means I have to start all over again if I can even get a doctor for a physical.

I guess with these government workers, it takes energy to think and I guess they want to save that because they could get tired.

That’s my rant of the day.

Drive carefully.

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