Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stupid, stupid questions and stink

These days I guess, we can expect anything - either written or verbally - in regards to a person trying to get elected.

*Are Mitt Romney's jeans terribly out of fashion?*

Isn’t that stupid? Mr. Romney better have curtains in his bedroom window or we might be asked if his undershorts are in fashion.


I read this stupid question on Fox News in the section called (also on the web).

A woman who was fired for smoking claims that every morning she takes a shower and puts on clean clothes and doesn’t smoke in her car. I was a heavy smoker, I used to hang around bars hotels and taverns but kept myself clean all the time because one night in one of those places and a person smelled like he had just came out of a city dump. I was never accused of stinking, nor did I want to be.

Now this woman is either lying or the staff for some reason or other doesn’t like her and wants to see her gone. If she smells like that I know what the smell is and I must say its not to agreeable to the nose or anyone else around. The only reason a smoker gets to the point of stinking is because that person doesn’t keep him/herself clean with showers and clean clothes. Also if a person perspires a lot, the nicotine smell will come out of the pores just like the smell of garlic if you're always eating it and it stinks badly. Cleanliness solves the problem or quitting smoking.

There are my two unrelated rants of the day.

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