Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apology revisited.

Not to long ago I wrote about the word apology. Some people think that this word is a sign of weakness and I said that it clearly wasn't.

Trucks resume after apology.
Well this word did some good when the USA apologized for the killing of 24 Pakistanis soldiers recently. Now the USA will be able to keep on bringing supplies to their troops in Afghanistan. Their convoy had been  stopped on the road to their troops. Things were stranded for a long time, because of someone’s big ego. Now, this little word  has opened the road for those supplies again. Because of someone’s big ego, how many of these trucks have been or could have been blown up while stuck? And what is the cost or value of the trucks and equipment ? Was it worthwhile not to apologize?

Whether right or not, if you think this little word apologize will get you what you want, use it. Details can be found on Fox News about the opening of the road.

Now that this little word was used, relations with the Pakistanis and the USA might get a little more friendly and also more cooperation from the Pakistanis in the fight to defend Afghanistan against terrorism.

That’s my little rant of the day.

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