Saturday, July 28, 2012


While reading the news on Fox, I ran across an article that claimed today was the most people killed in one day this year by bombs and shooting.

Terrorist use the name of God as an excuse to kill. They do so by raising their arm and saying God is great. I don’t believe that most of them believe that. I do believe that they use that excuse to kill, because they are just plain killers with no respect for life what so ever.

What I’m wondering is why the ones that are not killers trying to stop these terrorists? Are they blind to the fact that they are also viewed as terrorist themselves even though they are not?

How many soldiers have to be killed to try an help these countries? And yet according to some reports the government of some of those countries are unable to protect their own citizens because of a lack of an intelligence network.

These governments, like Iraq, think that the rest of the world is going to baby sit them for ever, And yet if the people rise up against their government their army starts murdering them like Libya and now Syria. Why don’t they train their army to go after the terrorist organizations instead of having them turn on their own people?

Do these governments officials think that the rest of the world are there to protect them? The way I see it by helping them in any way it’s just a loss of lives and money. Look what’s happening in Afghanistan. The Americans are almost out of there and Al Qaeda are already doing more killings then ever. Same thing in Iraq.

I think the big cancer in the third World countries is the government of Iran. They don’t hide it either. It was reported in Fox News recently, and I quote * We will support any terrorist groups that attacks the Western World."

That’s outrageous, and that's my rant for today.

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