Friday, July 6, 2012

Things that annoy me #314: Bicycle seats

This afternoon, I decided to go for a bicycle ride. I went to the park just to see the boats and just look around. I took the bicycle path and what did I see? Two big people in front of me, a man and a woman, and I began to wonder where their seats were. I just couldn't see them. 

So many of the seats we have on bicycles today are as narrow as they can be made without consumers putting up a fuss. I understand those seats are not meant to replace a living room chair, but at same time big people must suffer having the seat up their bum. 

Before, the seats used to be wider and when you sat on it there was room for both cheeks. I can see racing bikes having narrow seats, because the racers seldom use them, and they can save on the additional weight.  But ordinary bicycles should have a wider seat to give overweight people a chance to enjoy a bicycle ride. Once they get off the bike, they wouldn't have to check to see if that seat is still on the bicycle, or if they are still carrying it where it doesn't belong. 

That is my rant for today.

Have a comfortable bike ride if you’re not too big.

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