Monday, July 2, 2012

No respect and no feelings

Reading the news and listening to some of the people’s conversations  around me, I find that respect and feelings for others is almost a thing of the past.

While reading the news on Fox recently, I came across a little headline about a mom in Greenville South Carolina who received a  $50 invoice to clean the street.  She was to pay for the clean up the blood left by her son when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver, and to pay to have the car towed away   In fact, he was killed by an illegal immigrant driving drunk and driving without a driving permit. He received a sentence of 17 years in jail after pleading guilty. 

Can you imagine the feeling of having to pay to clean up your dead  son’s  blood because of a drunken driver? That driver should have been charged with manslaughter or murder and given life in jail.
The person that is responsible for that letter to her should look in the mirror to see if he/she is a human being and try to figure out if they have has a conscience.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Drive sober and carefully.

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